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  • Walker: Governors lead, lawmakers give speeches
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker hit back Saturday at potential GOP presidential rival Marco Rubio over the Florida senator's charge that there's "no way" a governor can be ready for president when it comes to foreign policy.
  • Deadly earthquake strikes Nepal
    Death toll tops 1,400; terrorized residents wait for tremors to end Group of mainly tourists uses pickaxes, hammers to rescue trapped man Official says people will urgently need food, water, medicine and shelter Avalanches thunder down Mount Everest, sending mountaineers running for their lives FULL STORY
  • Girl fighting cancer kicked out of school
    A young girl who has just finished battling leukemia has been dealt another blow, she was kicked out of her Catholic school. CNN affiliate WWMT reports.
  • Jenner comes out ... as a Republican
    Bruce Jenner didn't just come out as a transgender woman Friday night — he also came out as a Republican.

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