Amy O


  • Monday - Sunday
    2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


When she’s not on-air you can find Amy O hanging out at any of Lubbock's hottest spots, enjoying a great meal, enjoying "The Lubbock Nightlife", attending all Texas Tech sports or giving back to the community. I'm a person who embraces opportunity and challenges alike. And I definitely live my life to the fullest! Radio is a Passion...NOT a Job and it’s that passion that continues to drive me and push me to grow my craft and strive for greatness.  Watch out for Amy O in the streets, trying to make a difference, dedicating time to mentoring our kids and giving back to the community. Tune in Monday-Friday from 10a-3p as I make your workday feel like a friday EVERYDAY! Always rememeber Se Bañan!


Amy O