On Ice and Humor: Dave Hill’s Hockey Adventure

The rush of the game, the sound of skates carving ice, the thrill of a puck hitting the net—for comedian and author Dave Hill, hockey is a way of life. In our latest podcast, we go ‘Beyond the Mic’ as Dave discusses his new book ‘The Awesome Game’ and his enduring passion for hockey.

Dave’s adventures, from skating with Kenyan hockey players to enduring frigid Finnish arenas, showcase hockey’s power to connect across cultures. With wit and wisdom, Dave’s stories enthrall both die-hard and casual fans. He brings infectious energy to the podcast, offering insights on teamwork, persistence and the role of chance in our lives.

Interspersed with funny anecdotes, Dave reflects candidly on his life and relationship with hockey. While his NHL dreams faded, his love for the game endures. Both poignant and hilarious, Dave reveals the heart behind the helmet.

We also get a glimpse into Dave’s hockey heroes, from childhood idols to legendary players. Filled with touching and entertaining moments, this episode highlights hockey’s universal lessons.

Whether a seasoned fan or newcomer, this podcast is a must-listen. Dave’s passion for hockey and gift for storytelling will draw you into a world where sports and life collide beautifully. Join Dave on this satisfying journey that just may make you fall in love with hockey.

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