Oksana Ivanyuk Showrunner of Ukrainian TV show “Cossacks”

Join us Beyond the Mic as we delve into the world of “Cossacks” with Oksana Ivanyuk, the visionary executive producer and showrunner behind the hit series on ICTV & Crackle. Discover the origins of this unique sword and sorcery tale and the special bond between Oksana and Oleg Zbrorovsky. Get insights into the endearing character Ivan and its relevance in today’s society. Find out how the talented cast brought this project to life and what Oksana would do differently if given a second chance. Don’t miss the Rockin’ 8, where Oksana shares intriguing personal tidbits, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced during the show’s production amid a turbulent backdrop. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Oksana Ivanyuk about her creative journey, the power of storytelling, and the resilience that keeps her hopeful for the future.

Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon is the conversation series where actors, artists, authors, and more go deeper than a traditional interview. They go “Beyond the Mic”.

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