Karina Rykman: From Punk Passion to ‘Joyride’ Brilliance

Join Sean Dillon with a Beyond the Mic Short Cut with singer and bassist Karina Rykman as she dives into her ‘Joyride’ tour. From punk band beginnings to streaming success and learnings with Trey Anastasio of Phish, Karina shares her musical journey. Discover her favorite tracks, her quirky preferences, and the symbolism behind her vinyl design. Plus, uncover her aspirations for the future of her music career. Don’t miss this high-energy chat with the unstoppable force behind ‘Joyride,’ Karina Rykman.

Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon is the conversation series where actors, artists, authors, and more go deeper than a traditional interview. They go “Beyond the Mic”.

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