From Lorraine Baines-McFly to Victoria Spencer: The Lea Thompson Saga

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be an actress, director, and mom in Hollywood? Our latest podcast episode features none other than Lea Thompson, who offers an intimate glimpse into her life and her newest project, ‘The Spencer Sisters’ on the CW.

Lea Thompson, a name synonymous with classic hits like ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ and the iconic ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy, is no stranger to the spotlight. Yet, in this episode, she delves beyond her illustrious acting career and shares her experiences directing shows such as ‘Picard’ and ‘The Goldbergs’.

But what really captivates is Lea’s return to acting through her role as Victoria Spencer, a flamboyant mystery novelist turned detective. The show, which Leah describes as a cross between ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Murder, She Wrote’, offers a fresh take on the mother-daughter dynamic while wrapping viewers in cozy small-town intrigue.

As Lea discusses her character and the joy of working with co-star Stacey Farber, she also touches on the challenges of writing and the thrill of still being able to memorize lines. Her passion for the craft and for creating entertainment that uplifts people on their worst days shines through every word.

Beyond her career, Lea opens up about her personal life, revealing the profound influence of a dance teacher and the joy her children bring her. She even shares a poignant moment, reflecting on the loss of her beloved dog and the unique, unconditional love that pets provide.

Our conversation with Lea Thompson is a heartwarming and inspiring journey through the life of a woman who has gracefully navigated the peaks and valleys of stardom while maintaining a grounded perspective on family, creativity, and giving back.

Check out our conversation with Lea Thompson if you’re looking for inspiration, a behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood, or just a feel-good listen. Discover how a ‘weird mom’ can indeed build character and how the arts can be a balm for the soul in challenging times.

Don’t miss out on this episode. Click play, and let Lea Thompson take you Beyond the Mic.

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