Will and Jada Smith no longer uses the term “Marriage” anymore in their relationship! Have you done the same thing or is this just a rich thing?!

During Jada Pinkett Smith’s show Red Table Talk, Jada, her Mother and Daughter Willow sat aside Will Smith and things got interesting. Some of the looks I saw on Jada’s mom were pretty funny. She meant love though, but you know the looks sister give while listening. The Smith’s tackled some rumors with this interview, but they did it so smooth with the conversation that I it probably went over a lot of peoples head. Will spoke on his issues of being egotistic and making Willow live out his dreams, how he made Jada cry for 45 days straight, and how they through out the term marriage! I asked my listeners, if this is just a rich people thing or have you actually done this?! Check it out below

Will and Jada Smith (Don’t say the term Marriage anymore)


Word on the Street Take on Will and Jada Smith


Red Table Talk pt 1




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