Walmart apologizes for the Santa sugar booger sweaters

As you all know it’s that time of the year of office Christmas Parties and the good old “Ugly Sweater” Parties.  Well don’t go to Walmart looking for your next funny adult humor ugly sweater because they have blamed a 3rd party vendor for the mishap of sweater sales. All sweaters have been pulled off shelves and Walmart has apologized for the Santa and 2 white lines on the table of “Let it snow” sweater. see the pics off the Walmart site. Too funny but some people can be very sensitive!


Walmart tested the boundaries of the 'ugly Christmas sweater' with an adult-only line of clothing that may have gone too far by featuring Santa Claus about to do illegal drugs (pictured)


Ugly or just plain crude? Walmart wasn't going to take the risk and killed from its website in Canada ugly Christmas sweaters with Santa in sometimes compromising (pictured) and sexually-suggestive positions

One of the ugly Christmas sweaters displayed on Walmart's website in Canada featured Santa strapped to a table, bearing his buttocks, with an alien holding a 'probe' ready to start an examination of the jolly elf

A white-haired dominatrix in red, presumably Mrs. Claus, whips a 'naughty' Santa in another of the 'ugly Christmas sweaters' Walmart pulled from its website in Canada

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