There’s nothing more embarrassing then to get denied access to an event or party Especially if you are a A Lister of a rapper like Meek Mill. Over the weekend Meek Mill was denied entry access to the Cosmo hotel in Las Vegas. He arrived to the Marquee Club that’s located inside The Cosmo to go see DJ Mustard when security met him at his car and asked him to leave or face getting arrested for trespassing.

The Hotel denies it excludes anyone because of race but they stand behind the reason why Meek  was denied access…. due to the club Marquee was at capacity. But here are problems with the hotel’s story. Meek asked if he could go inside the hotel to get something to eat, but he was still denied. Presumably, the restaurants were not at capacity according to TMZ.

According to TMZ  when speaking to Meek Mill’s attorney celeb lawyer, Joe Tacopina,  he tells TMZ, he’s already identified 2 other rappers that have been deniied access at this hotel– Yo Gatti & Blockboy JB. Tacopina states he will ask for “heavy monetary damages” for “lying and humiliating Meek,”  The lawsuit will allege racial discrimination under state and federal law as well as defamation.


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