Make it or Break it with Mic. Carr from Tennessee! His track is called “Wayment” hit our line 806770BEAT and let us know what you think

#wots on Make it or Break it I got Mic. Carr from Tennessee. He’s coordinator for Texas Tech currently & he’s debuting his track “Wayment” Check him out!!! #peteypete

Posted by Petey Pete on Thursday, 8 November 2018


Mic. Carr is from Tennessee but he’s now in Lubbock Texas working for Texas Tech! If you’re at a Tech basketball game and wondering who’s controlling the music, band, and the audio? He’s the guy! He also does his own music and he started when he was 15. He said it wasn’t until he was in college at Christian Brothers in Tennessee that he showed his friends and they ended up going on tour! Check out his track “Wayment”





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