Lee Daniels Star actor and Diana Ross’s son Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson lands new reality show

It has been confirmed that Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross has landed a new reality show that they produced themselves. Will you be watching? I haven’t heard anything from Ashlee Simpson in a good minute. Meanwhile I HAVE seen Evan in Lee Daniels Star and he’s doing a good job! But it makes me think that Evan is doing his job for his family by being the provider. I know Ashlee isn’t broke because she has made a name for her self and her sister is Ms Dukes of Hazzard! But since I haven’t heard from her, it makes me think she’s been focusing on family and taking care of home! Word on the street they weren’t planning anything, this just sort of happen! It will air on E! Check it down below

“It’s a lot more like a documentary than a reality [show], the way we shot it at least,” the son of Diana Ross told Us in May. “It was something that we created that we ended up pitching. It wasn’t something that was given to us. It was something that we executive produced, decided what we were really trying to do and go behind it.”


Ashlee+Evan will premiere Sunday, September 9, at 10 p.m. ET.



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