It’s taken me a bit to have a reaction and an opinion of what I saw Sunday night for the Super Bowl Half Time. I usually don’t get excited because in my opinion I haven’t wanted to see a half time show as bad as I did when Prince preformed in 2007. He was a icon and one bad musician in my eyes and his music well… I grew up listening to his stuff from When Doves Cry, Kiss, Little Red Corvette, Purple Rain to when he became just a Symbol!  I will admit I only watch the Super Bowl for one reason… I’M. A. GAMBLER! I literally watch the Super Bowl to see if my numbers hit BUT don’t tell anyone my vise! LOL

Been in radio for many years and of course I watch the show to discuss what happens or what opinion i had on the performance of the artist.  I liked Janet Jackson’s halftime because of her music I grew up listening to her and of course can’t forget the wardrobe malfunction. I also enjoyed  both of Beyonce’s  performances in 2015 and 2017, Lady Gaga and so on.  Every woman that has preformed in the Super Bowl Half  time shows are  beautiful, artistic, talented and gifted women in my eyes!

Now, here’s my take on Sunday’s show! I’m an American of Mexican decent (2nd generation) and I AM BROWN & PROUD! I absolutely loved EVERYTHING about the show! If you are Hispanic, Latino, African american, Boriqua, Cubana, Colombiana, Mexicana or of Lebanese decent or any race or ethnicity and live in the USA… BE PROUD! You are here for a reason with EVERY RIGHT to sit and watch JLO and SHAKIRA represent the culture, our roots AND BEAUTY!  Sundays night performance had a little of many cultures, dancing, singing, chanting and thousands of people enjoying the performance from the stands! With all the hate posts on social media my question I ask the Social Media Thugs is… Do you know how much it is to be a person to sit and watch the super bowl LIVE in the arena it is at??? Well… I’ll admit! I was hating on every person in the stands that was there live in the arena! For one it was in MIAMI! 2 they got to see Patrick Mahomes (TTU Ex-Football Player) be the first quarter back player who attended a Texas university  win a Super Bowl!  SOOO YES I’M A HATER because I can’t afford to pay $7000 for a ticket! I love to eat, gamble and live comfortably! One day I will experience being at the SUPER BOWL… ONE DAY!  That’s about all the hate I will ever have though. LOL

OMG… Did you all see the passion, talent, creativity and guts to get up on that stage and do what the back up dancers did yet alone what 2 BEAUTIFUL LATINA WOMEN did for the first time EVER at this year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show?!?  Many said it was provocative, YES IT WAS but that’s who we are! Our looks are exotic, our curves are what the Lord blessed us with and besides many women and men reach out to plastic surgeons to get lipo, brazilian butt lifts, breast augmentations and mommy makeovers to feel better of themselves and GOOD FOR THEM! I’m all about sex appeal! I cant WAAAAIT to get my mommy makeover! Lubbock be ready because I will not have any ACT RIGHT! Get ready for the ISH SHOW to hit LUBBOCK, TEXAS!!! I say that because I LOVE MYSELF and I LOVE TO LOOK GOOD for myself and my husband! RIGHT BABE?! LOL

This show shouldn’t have made any woman mad at another woman! It should make you mad to not be hitting the gym, not loving yourself to do better for your health and well being! I’m only mad because I’m 40 and cant shake my hips like Shakira without throwing my back out! I got my myself into a Zumba class to work my hips out because before I go on my honeymoon I’ll rock my hips then wave and sip! (hitting you with that 2007 era)  So Ladies, Gentleman and haters If you want certain things to make you feel better about you… DON’T TALK ABOUT BE ABOUT IT and  GO FOR IT! If you got it, flaunt it with class and taste to your discretion! If it fits wear the ISH OUT OF IT! I have got 10 years to get on JLO’s level of sexy!  Again I saw many social media posts of peoples (mainly women) hate towards other women! It’s so hurtful because it shows misery loves company and close minded people hide behind religion and the excuse of children. I’m not saying let your children see it all what I’m saying is be a parent by talking to your seed! Educate them on its OK to look and be different. If you’re a woman support another woman on her looks, her beliefs, traditions, morals, mind, body and soul! We all learn something new everyday lets stop the hate and learn from one another like I’m wanting to learn about Shakira’s and JLO’s beauty regimen! THEY HAVE NOOOO WRINKLES at 43 & 50! with that said watch the video one more time because I am! Picture it now… I’m in my room attempting to move like Shakira’s belly dancing and when I concur that my husband will have me a pole to workout on at home like JLO!!!! No pun intended!

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