How A Lottery Winner Spent All His Cash In A Year | Blew A Bag

There is a lot of hype about the lottery right now! A few weeks ago, the Powerball hit a record high of One Billion plus. The Texas Lottery is also up there too! I bought my ticket just like everyone else in America a few weeks ago. Of course I didn’t win lol. Some one out of South Carolina won the Billion dollar Powerball. Word on the street it was someone from a small town there, and there’s a law in place that they can stay anonymous. Lucky them! I remember as I was leaving the station last week and one of my colleagues asked me if i was going to get a ticket, and I said uumm no lol, I’m going to keep my little extra cash. I had a realization that, if I was to win, I would probably be broke by this time next year lol. I have a big heart and I would have to put some one in charge of my money because I’ll be like Oprah, you get a car, you get a car, you get a car lol! Check out Melly Mel who went broke one year after he hit the lottery!



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