Halle Bailey may have just wrapped up filming for Pharrell WilliamsPiece by Piece biopic, but her mind hasn’t strayed from the music. Speaking to Billboard on the red carpet of Sunday’s BET Awards, she revealed she’s been working on music that she’s excited for people to hear “soon.”

“I feel so inspired during this time of my life, and it’s a beautiful thing when you have multiple projects to work on,” she says. “I feel really blessed and I can’t wait for people to hear what I’ve been working on.”

One of the songs she’s completed is the collaboration that will be featured on sister Chlöe‘s sophomore album, Trouble in Paradise.

“It makes me so happy to sing with my sister, always. I just feel so honored,” Halle told Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, she has always been my inspiration. So when she asked me to be on it, I was like, ‘Really? You want me on it?’”

She notes the song is “so beautiful” and shares her hope that people love it, before adding, “I mean, I think they will.”

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