A fight broke out at Stunna Girl’s concert in Syracuse, New York, over the weekend after a fan touched the rapper inappropriately. 

In a video of the incident posted by TMZ, a man in the audience is seen smacking Stunna’s backside while she performed onstage. The clip shows Stunna’s husband, rapper RichMula500, immediately confronting the man and exchanging words. Someone else comes up behind the man and grabs him by the neck, then punches start flying. At one point, Stunna jumps down from the stage and starts kicking the man as well before she’s escorted away.

Someone then gets on the mic and orders everyone off stage as the concert is seemingly cut short.

Stunna later retweeted a fan who wrote that RichMula500 “don’t play about his wife.” She added, “Anyways I still love the Girllies from Syracuse y’all was sooo turnt up.”  

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