I’m feeling this song… BIG TIME! The beat gets me and makes me go back into time. Now once I compare Roxanne by Arizona Zervas to the well known Roxanne by The Police I know i’m showing my age but that song is older then me so back back and give me 50 feet! LOL

When programming Roxanne by Arizona Zervas  into rotation on 104.9 The Beat and listening to the the lyrics it made me think of the 80’s song Roxanne by The Police. You are probably saying “That isn’t hip hop Amy O?!” Well,  if you you tubed The Police, you now know I’m cultured and a musically diverse female with an old soul that loves hip hop and respects artists who can be on the same premise of a song yet make it their own style and take me back to the good old days with a new twist beat. So let me go back to my college days when I was young and dumb! We did a drinking game with  Roxanne by The Police ( taking shots every time we heard Roxanne…. yeah not the smartest thing & lets just say I never made to the middle of the song) #notforme #foolish #educationdrinking #lotsofhangovers LOL

If you reading this blog and can relate to either the song? check out the 2019 version of Roxanne! Arizona Zervas kills it with the beat and flow! or compare it to the video below! #youchoice #thisorthat #80’srock vs #2019hiphop


How many times do they say Roxanne? Just an FYI  The Police say it 27 times and … not that I can take that many shots but  Yeeeeah it makes me what to barf!


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