Allen Iverson’s Untold Stories: Says Michael Jordan’s First Words To Him Were “What’s Up You Little”

Allen Iverson is definitely one of the greatest point guards in NBA history! He went to Georgetown in college after getting in trouble in high school. I watched his documentary on Netflix and it told his unfiltered story and he’s no stranger to adversity. He had a father figure who was his coach growing up and he lived with him in high school. I come from a similar situation, so I know how huuugggeeee that is for a young teenager to have someone believe him when everyone is saying, you’re going to be back just like everyone else. After all the adversity Iverson eventually went to college and made a hhuuggee impact in the NBA. One of his defining moments was when he crossed over Micheal Jordan during his rookie season! Watch and see what the first words Jordan told him! 6:00 minute mark!






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