Alicia Keys is one of my favorite artists and she is such an inspiration! When I heard the new song a few lyrics came hard at me.”This goes out to the underdogs Keep on keeping at what you love”

I used to be told to quit my career as a Radio DJ because I wasn’t “making enough money” to pay bills even though I always made ends meet. I love what I do and with my faith in God I have been blessed. Hearing this song reminds me of being a single mom working 3 jobs and being told women can’t make it in this male dominate industry.  I will say AGAIN… God is Good, ALL THE TIME! 10 years with 104.9 The Beat as a on-air personality and Content Director (PD of station) for Alpha Media…. Come get you some! LOL

In Alicia Keys “Underdog” lyrics “they said i’d never make it but I was built to break the mold”… with that said, on to my next goal and to all my “underdogs” check the song out, enjoy it and lets set the next goal!



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