2019 Miracle Pennies Program with 104.9 The Beat



Congratulations on a NEW RECORD!!!


104.9 the Beat wants you to help us help the kids of University Medical Center with Miracle Pennies.
It’s Kids Helping Kids with the Miracle Penny Program!

These schools are helping out the kids.

Amherst High School

Cathelene Thomas Elementary – Slaton

Coahoma High School

Coahoma Middle School

Coahoma Elementary School

Cooper High School

Cooper Middle School

Coronado High School

Evans Middle School

Frenship Heritage Middle School

Frenship Terra Vista Middle School

Frenship High School

Frenship Middle School

Frenship Ninth Grade Center

Frenship Oak Ridge Elementary

Frenship Westwind Elementary

Idalou Elementary

Idalou Middle School

Idalou High School

Levelland Capital Elementary

Levelland Intermediate School

Levelland South Elementary

Monterey High School

Shallowater Elementary School

Shallowater Middle School

Shallowater High School

Slaton Cathelene Thomas Elementary

Slaton Middle School

Slaton High School

Stewart Elementary

Lamesa High School


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CMN Background


The mission of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is to generate awareness and funds for local Children’s Hospitals and the children they serve.  Annually, over 14 million children at 170 hospitals benefit from CMN, and although CMN is an international organization, 100% of your donation stays local to benefit all of the children of the South Plains region based on need not the ability to pay for the specialized equipment and services provided by the University Medical Center Health System and sponsored community programs.


As CMN has grown over the years, it has become much more than a television fundraiser.  Each year hundreds of special events are organized and executed under the CMN umbrella in communities throughout the United States and Canada.


Since 1983 more than $18 million dollars has been raised across the South Plains through the Children’s Miracle Network, and through the University Medical Center Foundation these funds have been distributed to combat everything from common illnesses to birth defects, to catastrophic diseases and traumatic injuries.


In 2015 alone, CMN raised over $1.3 million!  The ongoing need for support of pediatric education and therapeutic programs, as well as the ever-changing specialized pediatric medical equipment needs have become increasingly vital.  This is your chance to help the children of the South Plains!  By participating in the Miracle Pennies program, your school will help more children and their families win at life!


Thank you for your support of the children of the South Plains.  Because of you, the “Miracles” will continue to happen…


What is “Miracle Pennies”?


“Miracle Pennies” is a program where Kids help Kids.  Students raise pennies or other change for their local CMN Children’s Hospital during the weeks of January 25th – February 5th.  This kicks off the Children’s Miracle Network 2016 Campaign.


How would “Pennies for Kids” work?


High Schools

Students will raise money by class.  Change canisters might be located in the counselors’ offices, main offices, or other secure high traffic areas.   The class raising the most money in each school will be featured during YOUR School District’s vignette on the KLLL Radiothon and the News Channel 11’s Celebration Broadcast.


Junior High Schools and Elementary Schools

Students will raise money based out of their homeroom class.  Change canisters might be located on their teacher’s desk and would be locked away during other class periods and after school hours.  The class raising the most money in each school will win a gift card for a party for their class and will also be featured in a live segment during the KLLL Radiothon that will be held on February 17 and 18 as well as featured on 104.9 The Beat. One class from the school raising the most money will select a student that will be a guest host with Amy O on 104.9 the Beat!


What are the benefits to students participating in “Miracle Pennies”?


Students can volunteer in a positive program helping their peers, their community and their school.  Students will come away from this program with a new awareness of their community and the satisfaction that comes with raising funds for a worthy cause.  Schools will be working together for a common goal that will unite each school with the goal of raising monies for children in the South Plains area.


What are the benefits to the School District?


Students can volunteer in a positive community effort to help children all over the South Plains.  This program would help children relate and understand everyday illnesses and how they can affect their family and friends. YOUR SCHOOL and District will receive positive publicity during the KLLL Radiothon.  A collective group of students will be featured during the vignette showcasing the program that YOUR SCHOOL participated in for Children’s Miracle Network.


What is the positive impact?


Schools in Your District will be working in cooperation through a competitive but team building, positive community project.

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