Should Savanna James be this upset about RIRI?

So ladies put yourself in Savanna James shoes (Lebron James Wife)! would it be a problem is you had Riannah oogling your husband Labron James? She is a big fan of Lebron and she continuosly has him on her IG and Twitter. Well, to shut it down Savanna needs to quit with her jelousy. Riannah met LeBron met RiRi years ago with Jay-Z and she has always thought he is the god of basketball. She admires his love for the game so no disrespect to Savanna. All I can say with a snicker is hmmmmm… IDK if I could just let something like that just roll off like nothing if Riannah sitting court side and Lebron  got me sitting with the Basketball wives.?. whats your take? Is this maybe why LeBron James seeming tired during game 2 in the NBA Finals?



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